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Publications related to the research project:

Richter, Matthias. 2002. “Deguo Hanbao daxue Zhongguo gudai chutu wenxian yanjiu’ xiangmu jianjie” 德國漢堡大學‘中國古代出土文獻研究’項目簡介 [= Presentation of the research project on early Chinese manuscripts at the University of Hamburg]. in: International Research on Bamboo and Silk Documents: Newsletter 國際簡帛研究通訊 Vol. 2 No. 6 (December 2002); p. 7.
___. 2003. “Suggestions Concerning the Transcription of Chinese Manuscript Texts – A Research Note.” in: International Research on Bamboo and Silk Documents: Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 1 (March 2003); pp. 1–12.
___. 2005. “Handschriftenkundliche Probleme beim Lesen altchinesischer Manuskripte” [Manuscriptological problems in reading early Chinese manuscripts]. in: Aspekte des Lesens in China in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart: Referate der Jahrestagung 2001 der Deutschen Vereinigung für Chinastudien (DVCS) Bernhard Fuehrer (ed.). (Edition Cathay 54). Bochum: Projekt. pp. 88–121.
___. 2005. “Deguo Hanbao daxue Ya Fei xueyuan Zhongguo yuyan wenhua xi de Zhongguo xieben yanjiu” 德国汉堡大学亚非学院中国语言文化系的中国写本研究
___. 2005. “Tentative Criteria for Discerning Individual Hands in the Guodian Manuscripts.” forthcoming in the proceedings of the conference: “Confucianism Resurrected: The Third International Conference on Excavated Chinese Manuscripts” at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass., April 2004. ed. Xing Wen.

Publications from the “First Hamburg Tomb Text Workshop” 2000:

Monumenta Serica 51 (2003), Special Section: Hamburg Tomb Text Workshop

Matthias Richter: “Introduction” (pp. 401–408)
Enno Giele: “Using Early Chinese Manuscripts as Historical Source Materials” (pp. 409–438)
Lothar von Falkenhausen: “Social Ranking in Chu Tombs: The Mortuary Background of the Warring States Manuscript Finds” (pp. 439–526)
Robert H. Gassmann: “Through the Han-Glass Darkly: On Han-Knowledge of the Ancient Chinese Term shi ‘Gentleman’” (pp. 527–542)
Achim Mittag: “The Qin Bamboo Annals of Shuihudi: A Random Note from the Perspective of Chinese Historiography” (pp. 543–570)
Xing Wen: “Hexagram Pictures and Early Yi Schools: Reconsidering the Book of Changes in Light of the Excavated Yi Texts” (pp. 571–604)

Published separately:
Lau, Ulrich. 2002. “Die Rekonstruktion des Strafprozesses und die Prinzipien der Strafzumessung zu Beginn der Han-Zeit im Lichte des Zouyanshu”. In: Und folge nun dem, was mein Herz begehrt: Festschrift für Ulrich Unger zum 70. Geburtstag. ed. by Reinhard Emmerich; Hans Stumpfeldt. (Hamburger Sinologische Schriften 8). Hamburg: Hamburger Sinologische Gesellschaft; pp. 343–395.

Publications from the “Second Hamburg Tomb Text Workshop” 2004:

Methodological Issues in the Study of Early Chinese Manuscripts: Papers from the Second Hamburg Tomb Text Workshop.
In: Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques LIX (2005.1) ed. by Matthias Richter.

Matthias Richter: “Introduction”
Ken’ichi Takashima: “Placement of Inscriptions on Oracle-bone Plastrons as a Guide to Decipherment”
Xing Wen: “Towards a Transparent Transcription”
Crispin Williams: “A Methodological Procedure for the Analysis of the Wenxian Covenant Texts”
Imre Galambos: “A Corpus-Based Approach to Palæography: The Case of the Houma Covenant Texts”
Marc Kalinowski: “La production des manuscrits dans la Chine ancienne: une approche codicologique de la bibliothèque funéraire de Mawangdui”
Matthias Richter: “Towards a Profile of Graphic Variation: On the Distribution of Graphic Variants within the Mawangdui Laozi Manuscripts”
William G. Boltz: “Reading the Early Laotzyy 老子”
Robert H. Gassmann: “Preliminary Thoughts on the Relationship Between Lexicon and Writing in the Guodian Texts”
Attilio Andreini: “Cases of ‘Diffraction’ and Lectio Difficilior in Early Chinese Manuscripts”
Martin Kern: “Quotation and the Confucian Canon in Early Chinese Manuscripts: The Case of ‘Zi yi’ (Black Robes)”
Ulrich Lau: “The Scope of Private Jurisdiction in Early Imperial China: The Evidence of Newly Excavated Legal Documents”
Enno Giele: “Signatures of ‘Scribes’ in Early Imperial China”
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